How to access your Email?
Using Web Mail
To access Web Mail for your domain, you need to point your browser to: where is the domain name for your email system.

Using Email Client
For POP3/IMAP and POP3-SSL/IMAP-SSL accounts the login info should be in this format:

password: yourpassword

POP3/IMAP server (incoming): You may use as well

POP3-SSL/IMAP-SSL server (incoming):

SMTP Server (outgoing): Your ISP's SMTP server. Provided by your ISP or your Network Administrator.

If you wish to use or as your SMTP Server, please use username/password SMTP authentication.

Note: Some large ISP's, like AOL, MSN, MindSpring, and Earthlink, block access to outside SMTP servers. If you are a user of one of those ISP's, you will need to use your ISP's SMTP server, which should allow you to send email as FROM You may also use our Web Mail system to send email. Or try to use port 2525 using your outgoing mail server (SMTP) ex. port 2525 instead of the default port 25.

Email Account Contol Panel
To access Email Account Control Panel for your domain, you need to point your browser to: where is the domain name for your email system.

Note: you might have problems creating accounts if you use IE4. If that is the case, try to use IE5 or IE5.5 or Netscape to setup your accounts, or email us at a list of email accounts you would like created. Pop accounts should be created with just the username, not full email address. Do not use blank or space in account names. Also do not use quotes or apostrophes in user names.

Changing Passwords
To change a user password, proceed to Email Account Control Panel and instead of logging in as postmaster, login using your username, your domain name, and your password. From there you will be able to change your password.

Using industry-standard SSL encryption - all information is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which creates an encrypted connection between a user's browser and the Swishmail's Web servers, ensuring the users' privacy and security.

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