Outlook Express E-mail Setup (imap)

1.  Click on Tools button on top, select Accounts

2.  When Internet Accounts window pops up, click on Mail Menu then click on Add button on the right side.

3.  Type in your real name then click Next.  Note: you can type in a nickname, initials, or anything you want to identify yourself.

4.  Enter your Email address then click Next.

5.  E-mail Server Names window,

My incoming mail server set to IMAP

Incoming mail server:  type in mail.yourdomainname.com

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:  type in mail.yourdomainname.com

Click Next when your done.


6.  Internet Mail Logon window

Account name:  type in your full e-mail address

Password:  type in your password

Note:  If you do not want to save your password into your system, uncheck "Remember password".  By doing so, you must enter your password each time you start Outlook Express.

Click Next when you're done.

7.  Congratulations! Click on "Finish".

8.  After you click "Finish", it will bring you back to the Internet Accounts window.  Highlight the E-mail profile, and click on "Properties"

9.  Click on the Servers tab. At the bottom of the Servers tab will be a Outgoing Mail Server section.
Mark off the check-box for My server requires authentication and click on the Settings... button.

10.  Outgoing Mail Server window:

The radio-button will be marked for Use same settings as my incoming mail server.

Click OK when you're done.

11.  You'll be brought back to the account properties window.

Click on Apply to apply the changes. Clicking OK will allow you to finish up and bring you back to the Internet Accounts window.

12.  Congratulations! Click on Close.