Microsoft Outlook 97 Setup Configuration:

1. Open your MS Outlook 97
2. Click on Tools menu, and then Services

3. When Services window pops up, click the Add button

4. When Add Service to Profile window pops up, select Internet Mail then OK

5. In the Internet Mail, make sure that General Tab is selected then enter the following information:

6 . After you have entered the above information, click on Advanced Options button.

7. In the Advanced Options box, enter then click OK.

8. From Internet Mail box, select the Connection tab.

9. Select on "Connect using the network" if you are connecting through the network. You may click on "Connect using the modem" if you're connecting through a dial up.

10. Click on Apply then OK to save all your changes.

11. A window will popup and will say "The service you have just added will not start until you choose Exit and log off on the file menu, and then restart Microsoft Exchange". You need to exit and restart your Outlook to make all your setup works.